What is a Cryptocurrency Bounty?


Cryptocurrency bounty is a simple way to earn free coins during or before and ICO (Initial Coin offering). You can earn the bounty by completing the tasks given by the coin developers.

It does not require any payment from your side but only your time and energy you invest in completing the tasks.


What types of Tasks you have to do to earn the bounty?

The tasks given by coin developers are generally easy and the main areas include creating blog posts, posting on Facebook, tweeting, logo designing, participating in forums and other simple tasks to promote the ICO to get potential investors.

Thus, you can earn coins without any actual payment but with the help of doing these tasks. When the coins are released on the exchange, you will get your share where you can either sell them or HODL them.

Bounty is given to one winner who is first to deliver the results. These tasks vary from finding a bug or creating a blog and can be found in the Bitcoin community.

The winners are decided on the community by the public vote of the members or the coin developers themselves. It is simply like working for a cryptocurrency but the chances of winning it is not certain.


Advantages of Bounties

You don’t have to pay for the cryptocurrencies as they are very expensive but only require your skill and time. You can earn a lot of profit from earning these free bounties.

The coin developers get the added advantage of promoting their coins across the network.


Darker Side of the Bounty Market

Frauds and scams are very ripe in the crypto market and many fraudsters use the bounty market to promote and the blockchain and ultimately dump the tokens. If a person is held responsible for promoting scams, then he/she can be convicted for this tasks as real money of investors is involved in it.

One should be cautious and careful while accepting bounty requests or else you can end up in trouble.


How to find Bounties?

You can find many different kinds of bounties of https://bitcointalk.org/and http://www.cryptocurrencytalk.com

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