Top Six Investment methods to improve community


Investment in community welfare is a good option to make contribution towards the community. It is a great way to help people and develop opportunities and resources for them. Knowledge on investment is widely available in this digital era, but figuring out the best is crucial. Some of best ways to invest money for future growth as well as community growth are

  • Stock Market– stock market is a most common type of investing money. Buying a stock is equal to buying a small portion of the particular organization and when the organization get profits, its stockholders also get small portion of the profit. Buying a stock of social organization makes a true contribution to the community welfare.
  • Credit unions or community development banksCredit unions or community development banks are the institutes that help people to set up small business, affordable housing, job development, and health institutes.
  • Community development Loan funds– these institutes provide affordable financing for co-operatives, housing and economic development projects, and community based nonprofit organizations.
  • Mutual funds– it is a mixture of bonds and stocks that are bring out by professionals investors after doing a lot of research to investing methods. It is open for everyone. Investment in socially responsible funds may indirectly support in investing community welfare.
  • Invest in future currency– the global economy is a digital economy and everything is going paperless. The new and most encouraging addition in it is crypto-currency. A crypto-currency is a digital or virtual currency which is gaining popularity very rapidly and it is also a wise medium to invest in community welfare.
  • Investment bonds– investment bonds is a kind of loan agreement in which company gets a loan from its investment bond owner and pays an interest over its loan. These are less risky but gives low returns.
  • Investment in Pool Groups– it is a significant option for diversifying community investments. It is invest for a large facility that spread money in the pool of different institutions that mostly work in the rural or deprived areas.

A little contribution to the community can makes big changes. To become a responsible citizen, it is good to invest in social or community investment schemes. It can help a low income person to build a home, develop deprived communities or can invest on the education of poor children.

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