Stratis Cryptocurrency: A beginner’s guide


With new cryptocurrencies entering the market every day, you need to keep yourself updated with the winners and the losers in the market. Stratis is one such cryptocurrency which is in the top ten list.


What does Stratis Means?

Stratis provides the service of a blockchain platform for institutions and corporations. Stratis simplifies the process of testing, development, research and deployment on the .NET framework of the C# applications.

Stratis aims to become one stop for all the blockchain related things and in technology, it is just like the Bitcoin code with its core code written in C# language.


What does Stratis token (STRAT) stand for?

The Stratis platform runs the native token, STRAT. The initial ICO of STRAT was launched in July 2016 where it raised 915 Bitcoins amounting to $675,000. STRAT price rose from $0.23 to $7.55 which makes it one of the fastest adopted cryptocurrencies in the world.

Market cap of STRAT

A total of 99 million STRAT token are available in the market and each unit costs around $1.5 which makes it market cap close to $150 million.

It is difficult to buy STRAT token but they can be exchanged for LTC, BTC, ETH or other cryptocurrencies.

Real-time uses of Stratis

Stratis can be used in the real world in the following ways:

  1. Provenance: Stratis blockchain will help in solving the problems of product tracking and verification. In the manufacturing process, the problems of forgery, frauds, and counterfeiting have increased which can be easily solved via Stratis.
  2. Research: Stratis will help in streamlining the process of publication and resolve any research disputes by having an undisputable record of data.
  3. Fintech: The problems of identity theft, settlement management, trusting of escrows, KYC compliance and management can be solved by Stratis cryptocurrency.

Advantages of Stratis over Ethereum

Stratis cryptocurrency has side chains which are not available in Ethereum. Also, the smart contracts are written in Solidity in Ethereum, while in Stratis C# is used which is the common language for the developers around the world. Stratis can be used for development, testing, and deployment platforms which is not the case in Ethereum. Stratis is ready for Segwit while Ethereum is not ready yet.


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