New Trend of Cryptocurrency in 2018


Cryptocurrencies have become a revolution in today’s fast-changing world and have seen drastic changes in the past decade. 2018 was very eventful for cryptocurrencies as new trends merged while old trends become obsolete.

Some of the top trends in the cryptocurrency market in 2018 are:


Acceptance by people

A change is possible only when it is accepted by the masses. Cryptocurrency is slowly getting accepted by people with every passing day which is increasing its value and popularity.

The popularity of cryptocurrency is not just restricted to investors but people are using cryptocurrency in their everyday transactions. Banks, who have been primarily threatened by cryptocurrency have started opening up new avenues for cryptocurrencies, having realized their vast potential in the future.

Many governments have started accepting cryptocurrencies as a legal tender and their popularity is growing fast. So, cryptocurrency is fast going mainstream.


 Changing Role of ICOs

In the past year of 2017, ICOs emerged as the new trend for funding without any restrictions. The dependency on the venture capitals was finished and even regular retail investors started investing heavily in cryptocurrencies.

This year, this process has been further refined and a new concept of Pre-ICO has begun. Investors investing in pre-ICO get a huge bonus, cheaper price per coin and get additional benefits like prime access to the software or Titanium card etc.

But it is not all green, many ICOs have been banned this year because of their non-adherence to the local laws. The ICOs are becoming accountable to government regulations and some restrictions are being levied on them.



Decentralization is an integral part of any cryptocurrency. It is now not just restricted to coins but has also expanded to applications.

Decentralized Apps (DApps) have started emerging as the new trend in 2018 which will be used for lending, payments, insurance, gambling, tokenization of assets and much more.


Bitcoin is a synonym of Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency till date and has dominated the market from the past decade. It is till date, the best and biggest cryptocurrency.


Even though many rumours and speculations have been spreading in the market regarding its downfall or replacement, but that is far from the truth.

Cryptocurrency trends are very volatile and can change any moment like the price of Bitcoins. These trends have played a significant role in shaping the future of cryptocurrencies in 2018

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