Galaxy S10 with Private Crypto Key Storage


Cryptocurrency is increasing its coverage rapidly all across the world. People can use it as a mode of transaction just like normal currency with some additional benefits. Due to its popularity, many smartphone companies have taken an initiative to provide users with the feature of accessing the crypto world. HTC Exodus 1 has already included this feature and is going to be launched soon – after a couple of months. Samsung, one of the top smartphone companies have also taken an initiative to add the feature of cryptocurrency. It is going to launch the crypto key storage feature in its new flagship phone, that is, Galaxy S10. Therefore, users can easily access the crypto field for investing in cryptocurrency in the S10.

What is a crypto key?

Crypto key storage is one of the most important parts in the crypto field. There has been the inclusion of crypto key in the crypto sector so that the users can easily access their account on any platform or device. There are many ways to store the crypto key. This provides users with a wide option from which they can select the best one. There are many hardware devices available as well which can store the crypto key with additional security as compared to that on a software platform. It can also be stored in the crypto wallet that provides users with an easy way of transaction using cryptocurrency.

Crypto key storage in S10

Crypto key can be stored in the crypto wallet in Galaxy S10. However, an official statement has not been released by the company yet. Still, there have been many leaks that have shown the inclusion of crypto wallet in the S10. The user interface of this wallet is, however, still unknown. Due to the decentralization feature of the cryptocurrencies, many users are criticizing Samsung for adding the crypto key storage feature. However, it is not an illegal method of transaction. Therefore, Samsung will soon provide its users with details about storing the crypto keys.

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