Crypto in space

Crypto has brought revolution in a number of fields which we might not even think of. One such field is travelling to space. Giant space exploration organizations like SpaceX, Nasa, and Blue Origin have already changed the way, we dreamt of traveling to space. Now, how can cryptocurrency and blockchain be the participant in this amazing future of space exploration? This is where spacebit enters. Spacebit is an innovative space company with a goal to democratize access to space. Their mission is to tokenize all of the current commercial space missions around the Earth. These missions include travels to the moon and other heavenly bodies. Spacebit is also allowing common citizen to participate in space programmes to decentralize the entire system.

Benefits of cryptocurrency

There are many benefits of cryptocurrency. You may be wondering about the advantage of using crypto in space. Bitcoin can be personally brought and anyone can claim its ownership anywhere, including space. Bitcoin is a digital currency and is secured by Blockchain technology and has many features such as possession of the private key, privacy, ownership etc and the owner can claim its full ownership anytime.

Why Cryptocurrency in Space?

The best thing why cryptocurrency will rule the future even in the space is because of its international standards. For instance, if traveling into space become possible, you still need a proper currency to go with. Due to a less amount of cash to carry, the digital currency would be the best way to do all the transactions. Also, if you think beyond, it would be hard to transact and convert all the local currencies from here and there, as, there won’t be any country specific currency in space. Transacting and converting among various currencies would become a hassle and a lengthy process. Thus, cryptocurrency, which is assumed to be the global currency in future, can be considered as the best medium to travel to space.


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