You might be familiar with ATOM coins which are a part of Cosmos. If you are not knowing about the Cosmos, it is the growing decentralized network created with independent and parallel blockchains. All the blockchain network are boosted by BFT and other algorithms such as Tendermint consensus.

By all of these things, Cosmos makes the ecosystem of parallel blockchain in which it is easier to scale and interpolate with other blockchains. Cosmos was created so that the used blockchain can communicate and interact with each other. At first, all the blockchain used were siloed and there were not many things you can do. For instance, there was only a small number of transactions that you can handle. Whereas after the creation of Cosmos, more amount of transaction can be handled at the same time hassle-free.


If you have tried to work with blockchain, you might be knowing the proof of work protocols are not only expensive but also the speed is slow. Also, you can’t scale it. This problem is solved by gTendermint BFT that powers the Cosmos. The scalability increases by this.

Developer friendly

Those developers who have worked with blockchain before or are working with blockchain technology knows how hard it is to learn and implement the blockchain application. This is where Cosmos SDK jumps in. The modular framework is built in such a way that the interoperable and building of application are now super easy by using this platform.


Now blockchain can transfer the data and the assets with each other using the IBC technology. It is a technology just like TCP/IP using which the blockchain can communicate with each other.

Therefore, by this people have already started using the ecosystem and started building on Cosmos platform. Also, their coin has recently gained the 15th position which is quite an achievement. So, if you have not yet started using it, you should start building your next function room today itself. You can check out their developer portal to know more about the ecosystem and how you can implement it in your application.


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