Cex.io gives users the opportunity to exchange their cryptocurrency for popular currencies like the dollar, euro and etc. It was started in 2013 and was well known for its Bitcoin cloud mining feature. Cloud mining provides a group of users with bitcoins which they get by mining. This mining is purchased with the help of a contract. However, they started the cryptocurrency trading. They take a maximum of 0.25% as a commission for the cryptocurrency exchanges. Users are provided with a wide range of cryptocurrencies that can be exchanged. These include the popular ones as well like Bitcoin, Ether and other cryptocurrencies like XLM, Ripple and etc.

Cex.io app

Cex.io has also provided an app which makes the exchange process easier. With the help of this app, they can trade cryptocurrencies anywhere. However, this app faced some issue in the verification process. The developers are trying to fix this issue and will soon update the app as soon as possible. Users can also purchase items by cryptocurrencies with ease through this app. It also allows the users to add their cards to make the exchange and any other transactions, faster. This app also provides users with information about their cryptocurrency balance and other important information. It also helps the users in the trade by providing the recent price of the cryptocurrencies. If any difficulty is faced by the users, there is a large community which will provide them with the possible solutions.

Cex.io features

Cex.io takes some fees for buying the cryptocurrencies. However, many countries can get them for free with the help of bank transfer feature. This feature is valid only to a limited number of countries. The Cex.io is, however, not supported by the US. Users are provided with three different types of accounts. These include basic, verified and business accounts. Each of these accounts has its own benefits. The basic account provides users to buy the bitcoins having worth of 400 dollars. This value increases to 10000 dollars for verified accounts. There are many alternatives to Cex.io. However, due to its avid features, it has gained a reputation in the crypto field.

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