3 Must Read Books on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology


Even in today’s digital age, there’s no alternative to books when you are looking to get detailed knowledge on a particular subject matter. Although blockchain/cryptocurrency is still a developing technology, of-late it is getting wide attention among digital asset investors.

If you are looking to learn more about blockchain technology and understand the nitty-gritty associated with cryptosphere in greater detail, then here are 3 amazing books that you must go through.

  1. Blockchain Revolution

Authored by the father-son duo of Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott, ‘Blockchain Revolution’ is one of the finest books ever written on this subject. You will be amazed to find how the technology behind Bitcoin is changing today’s business landscape by moving the world towards virtual digital asset.

The book explores the application of blockchain across different industry verticals. The authors have expressed their views in simple words – without coining too many technical jargons – thus making it an ideal book for non-techies to gain finer understanding of blockchain technology.

  1. The Age of Cryptocurrency

If you are an aspiring crypto investor, it’s the perfect book to get you off the mark.

Paul Vigna and Michael J. Casey have managed to come up with a convincing effort to describe blockchain in layman’s terms in their book titled ‘The Age of Cryptocurrency’. The book has been written keeping in mind the newbie investors. It provides a bird’s eye view of Bitcoin’s past, present and foreseeable future in an analytical manner, and takes the analogy to other virtual coins as well. It is a highly recommended book for those users who are looking forward to understand blockchain technology in general and Bitcoin basics in specific.

  1. The Business Blockchain

The target audience for this book are the executives and managers dealing with blockchain technology. Authored by William Mougayar, who is an entrepreneur himself, the book provides detailed case studies from various business specific angles. It primarily deals with implications of blockchain technology on financial services. It may not be a suitable read for the beginners, but readers with decent knowledge on business finance will find the book quite interesting.

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